Ginza Gomei Akita Beef Teppanyaki

Our goal is to establish the Akita Beef brand, so it is our pleasure to offer a menu of delicious items centered around beef from cattle raised in Akita prefecture.
As a part of our efforts to raise awareness of Akita Beef, we have opened Gomei Akita Beef Teppanyaki in Ginza.
Our menu offers incredible multi-course meals built around delicious Akita Beef, as well as a variety of other seasonal ingredients from Akita.
With interior design evocative of Akita’s old merchant houses, Gomei offers a chance for people from Japan and from around the world to enjoy the atmosphere of traditional Japanese houses alongside Japan’s famous teppanyaki cuisine.
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News from Gomei
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Mar. 1 2024: Our Menu has been updated.

About Akita Beef

Japanese Black wagyu beef cattle, fattened in Akita prefecture.
Wagyu beef of Grade 3 quality and up requires that a certain quantity of rice be included in the cattle’s feed; Akita, already famous for its rice, is the perfect place to raise exceptional beef cattle.
Our cattle farmers show their cattle extraordinary love, raising them in a natural environment. With this much care and devotion, it comes as no surprise that Akita Beef is of such superior quality.
At Gomei, we have established our own uniquely exacting ranking system, and we serve only the choicest Akita Beef, judged to be of rank A4 or A5.
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Gomei Steak

We use the finest Akita Beef, cooked slowly at a low temperature.
For a finishing touch, we sear the surface for just a moment at a high temperature, using the highest quality butter.
At that moment, the internal temperature of the steak rises, and the juices inside cause the steak to expand like a balloon.
But because the steak has been slowly and carefully cooked at a low temperature, its rich, flavorful juices all remain inside.
We pride ourselves on serving our steaks in this peak state, still unsliced and tender enough for guests to easily cut with the forks and knives provided.

About Our Name

~Our restaurant takes its name from the poet Kikkawa Gomei, who lived over two centuries ago.~
Kikkawa Gomei was born in 1731, the fifth son of Naba Saburoemon, who lived in the town surrounding Akita Castle. He went on to make a name for himself as a haiku poet, amassing over 600 students.
The owner of this restaurant, being a descendent of his, named the restaurant Gomei in his honor.
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